EOZ VR 2024 Summer Promo! Red & Yellow Straps giveaway!

With the onset of July, summer is in full swing and EOZ is out to enjoy and celebrate this summer, with co-founder Jason, coming up with the idea of testing a new colour combo and giving away the prototypes to our wonderful #full body tracking enthusiasts and strong community around it.

Now, usually, our prototypes are all kept at EOZ warehouse and put aside for future references, but with us making more and more variety and colours, we now think, what better way than to give away these straps in a lucky draw, that will actually reward some of the community that supported us?! 

So, instead of keeping all 60 prototypes in our storage crate, the EOZ team has decided that we will giveaway 50 sets of feet + hip straps in a lucky draw! All you have to do to enter the draw is this:

- You have purchased EOZ VR Straps before, or any of the collab straps previously
- You have the order/invoice from EOZ VR or our authorised partners.
(JCH, IntoFree, Tundra Labs, DuckBrosTech, UnboundXR, Carousell SG)

Steps to enter:
1. Take a photo or photos of your current straps (worn or kept or creatively washed)
2. Screenshot your orders/invoices, collate them into a photo
3. Go to this webpage to submit your photos and details: Link

You have until July 26th 2024 to submit your entry! Winners will be annouced on the official X (formerly Twitter) account of EOZ VR. 


Good Luck and we can't wait to connect with all our EOZ owners!



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