EOZ Feet Strap V2

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EOZ Straps For Full Body Tracking #FBT

Re-considered, re-designed from ground up with community feedback

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Trackers, Straps, Accessories
and #FBT for Everyone!

Tundra Tracker

Smaller Lighter Better

THE SteamVR™ Tracker

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  • | Smaller |

    Tundra Tracker the most powerful tracker in the smallest package possible

  • | Lighter |

    Tundra Tracker is so light, you don't even feel it at all

  • | Better |

    Better playtime of >7hrs, better expansion capabilities. Better full body tracking

VRChat X EOZ Full Body Tracking Straps #FBT

The best straps and the best platform comes together for a world-class collaboration. Now, you don't only play it, you wear it too! VRChat X EOZ brings the best online and offline experience with this collaboration.

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