Annoucing ECP and welcoming @SadlyitsBradley to EOZ VR - (Mar 8th 2024)

Welcoming Brad and what is ECP?

EOZ is piloting a new initiative, named as ECP, globally! ECP or EOZ Community Projects, is an initiative that will be headed by @SadlyItsBradley or better known as:"Hi, I'm Brad"! Brad has officially joined EOZ and will be the face of ECP! As the name implies, ECP will welcome projects that creators within the VR/AR/Spatial Compooping (computing) community that has a product that might benefit the greater community.

EOZ will fund beneficial projects, provide advice, and invest into mass production jointly with the creators. After which, EOZ will also help to sell the product and ship them globally using

It is hoped that through ECP, creators can realize the product, the community and ecosystem can be enriched, and as well as benefitting everyone in the community with many outstanding products that will come at an affordable price.

What kind of projects could apply for ECP?
So what projects do we welcome? Here's a rough guide below:
- Innovative or Distinctive Hardware / Accessories for #FBT or Full Body Tracking
- Comfortable Hardware / Accessories for popular HMDs
- Possibly some very innovative ideas on 3D models or software related to Full Body Tracking

Obviously, as EOZ is mainly a hardware company, we will be naturally inclined towards hardware-based projects/dreams. But with our interest in full body tracking, we will welcome software or systems related to that as well! Especially if you are willing to do things for the greater good of the #VRChat community.

How do I apply for EOZ?

As this is a new thing/platform that we are piloting, and we have never done it previously, we are kicking off with a couple of projects that had approached us in the past. This ensures that we feel and get some experience while learning the ropes along the way. 

We will open the applications for EOZ soon, by April 2024, and most announcements for EOZ will be made on the EOZ Discord Channel and as well as our various socials. Please follow @EOZ_VR or @SadlyItsBradley or join EOZ Discord Channel: 

I need more info, where should I go?

- Join the EOZ Discord, find all the EOZ people there and ask them.
- Find Brad or Jason or the official EOZ VR Twitter
- Or join the VRChat meeting on Mar 15 2024, to ask questions:
Date: 15 Mar 2024
Time: 8.30pm PST
VRChat World: (TBD)

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