Beta-Test Open: EOZ Utility Straps V2!

Hi hi hi hi Everyone! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing the EOZ Feet Straps V2! Our team at N7R is greatly honoured and thankful to the VR Community!

It's that time again, as I look for fellow community members to suffer together with me. Yes, just like the EOZ Feet Straps V2, we are now looking to prototype the EOZ Utility Straps V2 and I am looking for YOU. It has come to the stage where, I am kinda sure that our prototypes are pretty near production quality and I think YOU will be pretty happy to test our prototype.

Our utility straps were what previously know as the EOZ Arm Straps. These straps could be used on your biceps, forearms, thighs/knees or even ankle. Obviously, the biggest drawback/issue was that it had velcro and thus, doesn't last. So the major improvements is that we got rid of the much dreaded velcro.

Other than the velcro, we have made a few improvements to this Utility Straps V2 too. Things like material, buckles + clasps and elasticity has been improved from V1 upon hearing various feedback.

So this time, instead of bombing my DMs. Here's the link to a Google Form:

We will be picking 25 testers! The sign-up phase will start today, 8/26/2023 and ends on 6/9/2023... (Yes, I know, 69........))

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Instantly had to jump on this, Tested the previous beta ones for the foot so I’d be excited to test another prototype!


Always happy to test out new straps, and lend my opinions. i have what i dub the 0.5 utility straps, and im excited to try out an improved design.

Brandon Cline(BranVR)

Hey Jason, it’s nice to see you continuing to involve the community with product testing and validation. Definitely interested in comparing these to my arm V1’s which were not always the most comfortable for me, and it looks like these could be a lot better!
Always happy to help out and provide feedback.


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