Goodbye: SW Dongles, Hello: Tundra Dongle Hubs & the injection mold is ready!

Ever since the Tundra Tracker Kickstarter campaign (Which we fulfilled!!) from March of 2021, we have been selling Tundra Trackers with our Super Wireless (SW) Dongles (Or Dongle McDongleFace). The SW Dongles had come in a few flavours, the most popular and hottest were SW5 & SW7, each connecting to 5 or 7 trackers. In 2022, we introduced the SW3 & SW4, each connecting to 3 or 4 trackers.

A decision was made earlier this year together with Tundra Labs during CES, to retire the SW Dongles and introduce the Tundra Dongle Hub. Team EOZ is again, putting all our hearts and mind to bring this baby to life, producing, testing, and packaging up this Tundra Dongle Hub with all our love in China. And as again, it is designed with love, by Tundra Labs in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Picture above: As of May 15, 2024, the stainless steel mold for the new Tundra Dongle Hub is ready to be put into production.

This marks the first major change to the product line since the Kickstarter campaign, and we are near the introduction of this new Tundra Dongle Hub. It will be ready for prototyping and beta-testing soon. We are expecting to start selling the Tundra Dongle Hub from mid-June onwards.

These stores will be carrying the Tundra Dongle Hub after the beta-testing phase (In alphabetical order):
1. (Global / Asia)
2. Intofree (Japan)
3. Tundra Labs (Global / USA)

We will drop more details on price and bundle nearer to June and you can be sure, we will look out for the #FBT community in every way possible.

Lastly, Team EOZ will be looking for some volunteers globally for the beta-testing of the Tundra Dongle Hub prototypes that will be available soon. Please search & follow the @EOZ_VR account on Twitter/X and re-tweet our announcement. Then send us a Direct Message. We will pick around 15-20 users for beta testing. 

Goodbye: SW Dongle, Hello: Dongle Hub

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