Update: V2 Feet Straps production

For everyone who doesn't have time to read the whole update, here's 3 Most Important Points (MIP):

- Raw materials for production of the first batch of pre-orders have arrived!
- Our factory is tooling up the machines for production!
- We are expecting the pre-order shipping to be on-time (Aug 20)!

Detailed Story Below

1. Raw Materials: Great news as our first batch of raw materials, which is sufficient to fulfill pre-orders, have arrived at the factory's warehouse! All the buckles, green lining, the cloth and special material for the feet strap have arrived. So at the moment, as we speak, our factory is helping us to do the stock-taking and other related tasks with inventory. For the first production run, we will produce the pre-order quantity with some extras. These extras are to be our reserve units, where we keep them aside just in case of issues or exchanges.

And, we have ordered a ton of velcro too.... (Nah, just kidding on this one!)

2. Machine Tooling: Our factory has also started tooling on the machines that we use to sew the key parts of the EOZ Fee Straps V2 together. This process is happening right now as we speak and it will be a couple of days before we will be able to get a first of the V2 straps from the machine. We are very excited as this means we will be able to show some pictures of the initial production really really soon!

3. Pre-Order Shipping: After the automated machine tooling, there will be some manual work on the straps to get to the final production, QA and packing. Our QA process on the straps are namely:
- Stretch testing 
- Buckle testing
- Comfort testing (making sure no knots or anything that makes your feet goes OUCH!)
And thus, based on the good news that we have so far, we will be ship out all pre-orders on the promised date of Aug 20, 2023! Hooray!

Re-stocking of various stores: As likely we are on target to ship all pre-orders by our promised date, we will then re-stock the various online stores globally. We are expecting that global sales to start sometime in mid-September 2023. Here are the various stores that you can buy EOZ Feet Straps V2.

Global (Likely earliest to re-stock): eozvr.com 
USA: tundra-labs.com
EU: unboundxr.eu
Japan: market.intofree.world
Korea: jchyunplace.co.kr

Well, here's the end of the update, and if you would like to be kept informed of the EOZ Feet Straps V2, please click our eozvr.com link above and we will send you an email when they're back in stock.

And yes, I love to call it: "The Best F**king Feet Straps"

Thank you for the time taken to read this!


- Jason 
Written on 31 Jul 2023

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