VRChat x EOZ Straps V2

EOZ VR, in collaboration with VRChat, is happy to annouce the new:
VRChat x EOZ Straps V2 !!!!

A photo of the VRChat x EOZ Chest Strap v2

We have worked on the full set for the past 6 months and to bring something special and the most comfortable straps to the VRChat community. This straps will be a great way to support the VRChat dev team and have fun in our favourite game at the same time! Materials, designs and production techniques have been revised and colours have been refreshed for these straps!

This new straps set contains:

- VRChat x EOZ Feet Straps V2.5 (NEW! Index String Design)
- VRChat x EOZ Belt/Hip Strap 
- VRChat x EOZ Limb Straps
- VRChat x EOZ Utility Straps V2 (NEW!)
- VRChat x EOZ Chest Strap V2 (NEW!)
(We hear the community! We have gone totally VELCRO-LESS!)

Trackers Compatibility: 
- HTC Vive Trackers 2.0 & 3.0
- Tundra Trackers
- HTC Vive Ultimate Trackers
- Any mount compatible with the UNC 1/4"-20 Screw Thread

And EOZ VR is extremely happy to announce a UPGRADE offer for all current VRChat owners: You will receive in your email, a special unique link/discount code to purchase these new straps at a truly special upgrade price! Here is the pre-order & upgrade schedule for all the various regions:

Japan (Intofree market): Dec 21st - Dec 27th 2023 (Pre-order + Upgrade)
Global (www.eozvr.com): Jan 2nd - Jan 8th 2024 (Pre-order + Upgrade)
USA (www.tundra-labs.com): Feb 2024 (Dates to be confirmed later!)

Straps will ship on 28 Feb 2024

Prices for the new straps start at US$40 and existing VRChat x EOZ Strap owners get a 30-45% discount off the new VRChat x EOZ v2 straps. (To thank you all for the support of VRChat and EOZ!) 

Please follow us on our official Twitter account: @EOZ_VR
Please feel free to send us questions/enquires on Twitter: @jasonleongtw or @EOZ_VR 
Alternatively, if you prefer email, please send it to jason.leong@n7r.info

From all of us at N7R, the team behind EOZ brand, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Good day to ya EOZ team, a while back I ordered the tundra trackers when they first released. I also got the set of feet clips when I ordered them through tundra, would I also get a code for the discount if I wanted to upgrade to the V2 as well?


hi EOZ team. i am from israel and i order from u a full set of streaps + the new feet straps and vrchatXEoz feet straps i see u getting out THE new VRCHAT V2 straps and i wanna order it from you. BUT since 2 mont ago ur shipping page stop show ISRAEL on the shipping as a country can you plz to ur best offer and chack why is that (WE have a big israel support comminty of EOZ straps and i wanna keep order from you)


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