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1. EOZ VR Straps for full body tracking

1. EOZ VR Straps for full body tracking

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Parts of the body

Premium Straps designed especially for Full Body Tracking.  The straps are designed to be comfortable and to secure trackers well to the body to prevent the wobble that is often present with other solutions.

The Foot Strap V2 The community has tested, spoken and voted! The best f**king FEET STRAPS have arrived! 

EOZ Feet Strap V2 featuring:

- Refreshed Original Design
- Velcro-less wear-on/take-off
- Fits all feet sizes
- Adjustable buckle and in-step for feet
- Works with Vive, Tundra Trackers and any other equipment able to mount UNC 1.1/4" screw

The Belt Strap features a quick disconnect clip and can be adjusted for a variety of waist sizes from 28in to 50in. It also includes an optional pouch for placement of a USB Power Bank or any other accessory. 

The Utility Strap V2 is now Velcroless design. This is a comfortable strap  designed for attaching Trackers to your Biceps (Arms) Thighs and Ankles.  Useful for Vtubers, DJs and anyone who wants arm tracking without controllers.  Fits circumferences between 23cm and 53cm with about 4cm of stretch.

The Limb Strap features an articulating quick disconnect clasp.  It can be used for either Knee or Elbows, but please check the sizing since it may be too big for some arms.  This Limb strap can be adjusted to a circumference between 38cm and 54cm with about 2cm of stretch. 

The Chest Strap has a convenient front zipper for easy on and easy off.  Bottom adjustable straps using Velcro and upper elastic stretch panels for comfortable wear and minimal tracker wobble.  Material is very soft and breathable for extra long VR Sessions.  This first release does NOT have a back power bank pouch (coming in version 2).


*All straps are made from Neoprene material and have a UNC 1/4-20 threaded post that is compatible with Tundra Tracker, Vive Tracker 2.0 or Vive Tracker 3.0.

EOZ is committed to quality and comfort for all our products. We strive to be the leader in full body tracking straps and accessories within the VR Community and beyond. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please get in touch with us immediately!

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