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2. VRChat X EOZ FullBody Tracking Straps

2. VRChat X EOZ FullBody Tracking Straps

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Parts of the body

✅💖Support VRChat 💖✅

Created in partnership with VRChat, these straps feature their logo and iconic color scheme. To support this wonderful community, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these products are shared with the VRChat team!

Outrageously stylish 

A beautiful purple on our already elegant straps, and the subtle but iconic VRChat logo as the cherry on top.

Full body tracking has never looked so good!

High quality, comfy & easy to wear!

Made from premium materials that stretch and conform to the body, these straps securely hold your trackers in place.  They are easily adjusted and the respective attachment methods have been purposefully designed to be easy to manipulate.

Stronger, more durable threaded base

All VRChat ✕ EOZ straps include a new injection molded base that forms strong plastic around the 1/4" threaded post.  This helps strengthen the mechanical connection to the strap and prevents breakage.  The surface of the base also has embossed silicon beads that grip the tracker to prevent loosening and wobble.

As our straps use a standard 1/4" (quarter inch) thread, they are compatible with all popular SteamVR trackers, such as;

  • Tundra Tracker
  • Vive 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Tracker (From 2017, 2018 and 2021 respectively)
  • Manus SteamVR Pro Tracker


Belt Strap: Features a quick disconnect clip and can be adjusted for a variety of waist sizes from  27.5in to 52 in (70 cm to 132 cm). It also includes an optional pouch for placement of a USB Power Bank or any other accessory. 


Foot Strap: A new and improved trapezoidal instep loop conforms better to the shape of your foot.  This foot strap has additional stretch to accommodate instep sizes between 24 cm and 30 cm.  The heel loop has a velcro attachment and a stretch range of 6cm. So now, one size fits most!


Arm Strap: Designed with a Velcro attachment point.  The arm strap is ideally suited for smaller frame individuals. The arm strap has a circumference between 22cm and 26cm.  There is 3.5cm of stretch For larger arm circumferences, please consider the limb strap.  Arm straps may also be worn on the wrist for larger frame individuals.


Limb Strap:  These are significantly updated and improved.  Most notably, the VRChat Edition Limb straps have an innovative new magnetic clasp that is extremely easy to operate one handed.  This makes putting on and taking off the Limb strap very easy and with an oddly satisfying sound!

Limb straps also have a new and improved elastic stretch panel that helps secure them to the body while maintaining flexibility during motions.  Limb straps are adjustable to circumferences between 32cm and 58.5cm with an additional 4cm of stretch

How to put on & take off foot straps

Please make sure to put on and take off the foot straps without unhooking the velcro. Doing this too often can degrade it quicker.

EOZ is committed to quality and comfort for all our products. We strive to be the leader in full body tracking straps and accessories within the VR Community and beyond. If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please get in touch with us immediately!

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